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Passionate About Research, Coding & Life!

Overall I am a coding girl who also enjoys exploring the world!

  • Programming: Python, R, MATLAB, C/C++, assembly

  • Frameworks: PyTorch, Tensorflow, QT, OpenCV

  • Operating System: Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Leadership & Volunteer Experience
  • Core member of Artificial Intelligence Club @ ZJU​​​​

    • I am a researcher in this area, so it's not strange that I joined this club!

  • Class representative of ACEE, Chu Kochen Honor College

  • Leader of Public Relations Department, Student Union

  • Core member of  Red Cross, Zhejiang University

    • I am always passionate about volunteer work, believing that the efforts of individuals do make a difference to the world we are living in. So I immediately joined the Read Cross @ ZJU when I became a freshman. I've already worked for ZJU-Red Cross for 3 years and now a member of its board.

    • During all these years, I organized lots of Red Cross campaigns, such as Blood Donation Campaign, Anti-AIDS Month, LGBT Campaign, Humanitarian Law Campaign and etc. In the Blood Donation Campaign I organized in May 2017, the number of blood donators reached 1,200, the highest in recent years.

    • Apart from organizing campaigns, I also did lots of volunteer work myself. I do 210 hours of volunteer work per year on average.

  • Member of GLOBAL CITIZEN, an international organization

    • Frankly speaking, I didn't contribute a lot to this organization, ​partly because they barely have no branches in China. Perhaps I will consider to contribute more to this community when I become a graduate student in the States (or Canada/Swiss). :)

  • Piano (amateur level ten)

    • Yes, I am a typical Asian who plays the piano...

  • Cheerleading

    • I was a member of the ZJU Cheerleading Team.

    • Click here and here to see photos!

  • Skiing


I love traveling! Here are some photos of my recent trips.

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