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Transformer-based 3D Hand Pose Estimation from monocular RGB image
  • First place on the leaderboard in Machine Proception.

March 2021- June 2021

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Tweet Sentiment Classification with Emoticon Insertion
  • First place on the leaderboard in Computational Intelligence Lab.

March 2021- June 2021

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Operating System Development: KOS
  • Developed an operating system KOS on FPGA-based hardware (supporting MIPS instructions) with Weihan Li and Yunfeng Guan, it is written in MIPS assembly and C.

  • My major contribution is to design a complete memory management system.

Annotation 2019-11-16 224255.png

Sept. 2018- Jan. 2019

MEMORY system




Physical memory
  • Bootmem

  • Buddy

  • Slab

  • Caches for specific objects

  • A mechanism for dynamically allocating and destroying caches

  • Coloring

Virtual memory
  • Management of virtual memory space (VMA management, etc.)

  • A complete page fault mechanism

  • Exception handling

  • TLB refill and TLB load exceptions (The software implementation of EXL)

Blockchain-based Chronic Disease Management System
  • We built an innovative and practical blockchain-based framework for Chronic Disease Management, including drug information tracing, personal medical records.

  • Funded by SRTP (Student Research Training Program) of Zhejiang University.​

  • First Price (Top 20 out of 500+) of the 2018-2019 SRTP projects of ZJU.


Sept. 2018- June 2019, Tech Leader

Cardiac Management App: HeartGuard
  • Immediate communication between patients and doctors

  • A reminder for the patient to take daily medicine and recovering exercise

  • Recording cardiovascular data automatically

  • Automatic analyses of the patient’s personal data for their doctors

April 2018- June 2018

Intelligent Wheeled Robot Project
  • Dynamically plan paths (based on A star algorithm)

  • Dynamically avoid obstacles (based on dynamic window), including

  • detecting objects and avoid it in a short response time

  • re-planning the optimal path

  • Dynamically recognize objects and grab objects without stopping;

  • Self-positioning

March 2018- July 2018

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Google Hackathon: Dynamic Routing for Traffic Control
  • Google Girls' Hackathon Project. Thanks to my genius teammates!

  • Details will be added later.

Oct. 2019

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MiniAlphaGo for Reversi
  • Course Project of Artificial Intelligence at ZJU

  • Details will be added later.

Nov. 2019

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